Time for RV Investors to Hit the Road

Time for RV Investors to Hit the Road

Time for RV Investors to Hit the Road

The recreational-vehicle industry is enjoying a nice ride, but investors shouldn’t park their money for long. With plane travel still largely grounded and the cruise industry temporarily docked, recreational vehicles offer owners the ability to turn shelter-in-place into an instant summer vacation. That has been a boon lately for RV stocks, after the industry was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic. Shares of RV-makers Winnebago Industries WGO -0.47% and Thor Industries THO 1.14% have both more than doubled over the last three months, while Camping World Holdings CWH -0.68% has more than tripled.

The summer of the RV may very well be upon us: On earnings calls last month, both Winnebago and Thor reported a recent influx of first-time customers. Thor said some buyers are even using RVs beyond leisure as creative workspaces, enabled by the spread of remote work policies. Back in May, Camping World Holdings Chief Executive Marcus Lemonis told investors on an earnings call that the first weekend in May “was the biggest weekend in our company’s history, period, end of story, in all aspects, [for] every part of our business.” Read more…………..

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