Completes Infrastructure Upgrade of Exchange

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    <br /><iframe id="st_a890f59ad8ed4489b77c242378cc36a5" src=";symbols=AAPL;MSFT;GOOG;FB;ORCL&amp;palette=Financial-Light&amp;layoutType=10&amp;onload=st_a890f59ad8ed4489b77c242378cc36a5" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> Completes Infrastructure Upgrade of Exchange Completes Infrastructure Upgrade of Exchange

HONG KONG – announced that it has rolled out significant infrastructure upgrades to its Exchange, including a revamped Matching Engine, OMS (Order Management System), and unified REST and Websocket API.

The firm said the revamp will lead to a 10x increase in performance and throughput, paving the way for an aggressive product roadmap for the rest of 2020, which includes the launch of margin and derivatives trading.

The Exchange launched in Beta last November, which has been one of the key drivers of the company’s rapid overall growth in the past six months, as traders increasingly turn towards cryptocurrencies amidst broader market uncertainties. Read more…..

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