The More Central Banks Do, The Worse It Will Be

The More Central Banks Do, The Worse It Will Be

The more Central banks do, the worse it will be.

The team at Icarus Signals always look forward to the latest installment from Jeff Snider of Alhambra Investments, and in typical fashion Jeff outlines what most sane minds would consider to be inevitable, even in the face of continued disconnect between logic and reality.

In a lot of ways, circumstances haven’t changed in Europe – only the size of the hole has. For the last two and a half years the European economy has been pointed in the same direction, down not up. Recall Mario Draghi in January 2018, just as Euro$ #4 had clearly broken out, remained steadfast that globally synchronized growth, the long-awaited acceleration end to a decade of disaster, was definitely in the works. Read more……

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Dr. Marc Faber of the #GloomBoomandDoomReport finds it odd, although simultaneously one of the more attractive investing opportunities most have ever seen. Dr. Faber also comments on the current Fed policy, how it’s impacting the world, and how this will all play out.

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